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For Allergies & Colds


Impower Your Healing!

Feeling helpless when colds or allergies hit?

Learn these simple tools you can use from an experienced practitioner!

We've all been there.  You feel a cold or allergies coming on -- and you can't get in to an appointment for a few days.  If only you had something you could DO YOURSELF to control those symptoms NOW before they got to be overwhelming -- or even do between appointments to get better results...

You don't need to suffer unnecessarily.

Get the relief you need NOW!

I created this super-simple acupressure sequence originally for clients who wanted something that they could do for symptom relief between appointments -- however, it seemed a shame to limit it just to a few people.  Why not to share it with others who struggled with the same issues?

So I created this mini-pilot - with the intent of seeing if this was something that other people found valuable too.  And right now, I'm providing it FREE OF CHARGE in exchange for your feedback. How is THAT for a win-win?

You Will Learn...

Acupressure Basics

Acupressure for Sinus Pressure

Simple Techniques

Acupressure for Ear Pressure

Pressure & Safety Guidelines

A Master Point for Pain

About Your Instructor

Tabitha Marsh

Tabitha Marsh


Tabitha is the founder and owner of Impower Healing, LLC where she shares her skills as a Coursebuilder, Educator, and a Coach in order to support others in becoming the most brilliant, authentic, and powerful version of themselves in the world.

An expert in the realm of mind-body healing and pain relief for 24 years, her healing career has encompassed and melded the worlds of massage therapy, counseling, somatic psychology, acupuncture, energy-medicine, oriental medicine, personal growth practices, and mind-body movement such as qigong and yoga.

She was also an instructor at a regional massage school for nearly 5 years, and is a Certified Qigong Instructor.  Here she focuses on her passion of "impowering" people with the skills they needs to get rid of unnecessary pain and suffering on both the physical and mind-body levels - as well as helping heart-centered, empathic people master sensitivity so that they can thrive and share their gifts with the world.

Tabitha is available for online coaching at,
or her pain and stress relief clinic in Portland, Oregon at


When I started seeing Tabitha so much in my life has changed. Not only am I healing…but I have learned to listen to my body in the process which is huge for not only healing but living a healthy life.
C.B. Medical Receptionist & Former Client
I have known Tabitha for 20 years…Tabitha is a wonderful listener, authentic as a person and highly knowledgeable. She writes and speaks in a way that is understandable and clear to everyone. Her commitment to her clients and their wellbeing is real and foremost on her mind. I encourage you to read through her well designed program, and create a solid plan for your wellness.
Rita Whaley Retired Counselor
Tabitha is the sort of warm, brilliant person you want to open up to, and I promise you, you can trust her with that. If you're struggling mentally because of mental or physical issues, go check out what she offers.
C.S. PhD Candidate & Former Client

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